From the head – to the heart – to the head – out of your mouth – as words – is the essence of the potensia communication method.

Not to be able to communicate with the people in your life does always lead to some kind of bad relationships.


It will also, in the long run, make your body sick, it will provoke pains, muscular tensions and anger because you do not speak out what you know you need to say. Every cell in your body will be affected as well as your hormonal system.


Churning thoughts in your head will not give you solutions but fear, headache and sleepless nights.


All that, is something you can get rid of, with this method!


Learn how to communicate in an honest, straight forward and considerate way without fear of the consequences and you will get rid of the pain and sleepless nights!

This method will bring out your un-used reesources, your potential. You will learn how to use your energy on important things.

You will learn how you can use your words in such a way that what ever you want to say will feel correct in accordance to the cause and to who you are, in any situation – I can guarantee that!


I have helped people for many years at my clinic but now I want to reach a bigger audience through the internet because everybody who has used this method have done huge changes in their lives, with a feeling of relief.


Sounds like big words? Yes – but it is the truth.


I have this page here for you and I want you to know from the start: my first aim is to let you understand that this is an incredible method and that I burn for teaching it to as many people as possible.


My second aim is to convince you to purchase this fantastic product.

It is a method that has changed many peoples lives and I would be so glad if this speaks to you, because I can give you the tools you need to become a great communicator who never will have any fears of the consequences of your communication. You will know what to say, when and how.


I used to have some painful relationships, both at my job and private.



Today if these situations arise I deal with them as soon as possible.  I was afraid to say what I needed to say, afraid to communicate in those unpleasant but important situations. Today I am not afraid to say it because I know how to do it and when. 


I was afraid the other person would reject me in the future. But deep down I knew I had to speak up to be able to resolve the situation, to feel well, to let go and go on. Today I am not afraid of rejection because I know what I am worth.


As a physiotherapist and assisting professor in anatomy I did start to understand that my pain in my whole body was due to that I feared the consequences of what I needed to communicate - but I did not know how to communicate and if I should and could. I did not have the courage nor the tools to do so.


Today I do know that unresolved matter will grow and it can explode in an uncontrolled way. At the same time it will always release negative chemical substances which in the long run gives us pain, disease and bad sleep.


I knew that I was good at my job as a therapist, diagnosing injuries and working out programs for the injured. I also knew that I was a good teacher.


I was liked because I was always kind and helping and was good at taking difficult decisions in pressured situations.


My mindset from my upbringing was: «be kind, honest, helpful and firm, and you will get back what you give» it did not always work out like that, unfortunately. There was one part missing: listen to what you feel, not what others tell you.


I finally had to ask myself, why and how had I ended up in a few painful situations where people were throwing hurtful allegations at me, that were not true?


In other words, what was I missing about how I was percieved by others and why did I fear the consequences of saying what I really felt and thought?


The whole clue of the behaviour of mine was: I was so afraid of being rejected by family, friends and at work that it made me into a «kindnessmachine» always saying yes to all and everybody and never wanting conflicts, always wanting to be perfect.


I decided that I needed to get help to try to understand who I was and to move on. 


I went to an education in N=neuro L=linguistisk  P=programming, NLP.


I learned how to become a good leader through personal developement and communication techniques..


I took an examen as a Master Practitioner in NLP in 2001.


During this time while I went to the NLP education I started to use my new knowledge at my clinic with my patients.


They came to me with their pains and aches, nearly always relatede to stress due to not communicated thoughts and feelings.


The fact that I was a Physiotherapist and an Assisting Professor of anatomy combined with the NLP enabled me to develope an extraordinary combination. This gave my clients a new mindset and the results were that the pains and aches vanished through mental, emotional and body exercises.


From the knowledge all this gave me I developed my own technique, the  Potensia® Method. 


The essence of it is the impact the brain has on the bodily reactions in relation to thoughts and emotions. As well as how we develope and use our emotional intelligence in such a way that we have the courage to say what we feel and think, without fear.


I was the best example of how powerfult this combination was. 


In the end I decided to coach others about: being a leader in ones own life and to be able to communicate without fear of the consequences. 


Lesson one was not always to be available to everyone who said they needed my help, to learn to say NO.


Lesson two was to learn to say NO without hurting others.


Lesson three was to teach myself to feel good although I did say NO.


Lesson four was to learn to say NO to myself.


Through this exercise I did learn my worth and that enabled me to get rid of my communication fears.


A fantastic side effect was that once the fear of the consequences and rejection was gone, it released unused ressources within me.  I could finally use my potential both at work and in my private life.


The Pain in my body was also released because the stress vanished as soon as the unresolved situations were dealt with.


Hence the method was born and named, the Potensia® Method.

What is the Potensia® Method?

The Potensia® Method teaches you to communicate with yourself and the surrounding world in a credible manner and thus you will be able to reach your goals. 



The Potensia® Method is based on actual knowledge about how the brain, our senses and body all function in interaction when we communicate.


When you understand how to play on the same team as your brain and physical abilities, you will be able to consciously make beneficial changes in your mindset. And that will benefit you in several ways, not only with communication.


You will learn how to communicate in a credible and congruent manner. That is that all parts of you do agree to the message you want to bring forth to the counterpart when you communicate.


In other words, your mental, psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual part do all agree in what you know you have to say. Thus you will be someone who will be listened to.


The first 5 steps of the Potensia® Method are:

  • We make a map of who you are and why you want to use the Method.

  • We sort your issues into different sections that are either useful or not.

  • We eliminate that which you do not need any more.

  • We implement your new thoughtpattern with exercises.​

  • We integrate your new thoughtpattern with actions.


This book is also available in Norwegian and Spanish

The book 


«Potensia – living according to your heart»


This is the story of people wanting to move forward in their lives. 

In this book you will learn how to turn inappropriate thought patterns that are blocking your life flow, into purposeful thought patterns that are based on your heart feeling.

It is no quick fix methodology, but instead slow nourishment for the mind and body. The heart never lies!
By consciously integrating your feelings and the new thought patterns into your rational side that are right for you, you bring out your potential. Self-awareness is activated within you just by reading this book. Suddenly you notice you have embarked on a self-regulating process. 

Useless thoughts will no longer fill your head and, finally, you will own your own thoughts.
Now you have the confidence to be the REAL YOU and to be true to your SELF.

The Potensia® Method shows you what every situation ultimately boils down to: Being able to communicate with your own feelings, so you can communicate with others in a credible manner.

and I will send you:

- the foreword

- the introduction

- the first chapter INSIGHT 

- about seeing yourself and recognizing that you need to make changes

- the second chapter THINKING WITH THE HEART

-about allowing ourselves to feel what we really feel

If you want to hear about the other 19 chapters 

I will send you a pdf. 

Teachings and Coaching with Tina - How?

Working with me in person will accelerate your results!


First of all we will have a chat after you have taken contact with me.


You can be a person, a group, an institution, private or a business.


BUT your goal is either way, that you want to be able to communicate in such a way that your message will be understood. Your fear of consequences of what you need to say will not rule you but your message will.

Working with me in person will accelerate your results!


First of all we will have a chat after you have taken contact with me.


You can be a person, a group, an institution, private or a business.


BUT your goal is either way, that you want to be able to communicate in such a way that your message will be understood. Your fear of consequences of what you need to say will not rule you but your message will.


Together we will map what it is you do need, so that you can move on.


I give you tasks and exercises in between sessions with me.


The tasks consist of videos and pdf sheets, where you will get practical and mental exercises to do. You will be able to do those in your daily life.


When we talk, via Zoom so that we can see each other, I will coach and guide you when ever you need help and guidance, or if you feel stuck. You will get there where, you want to go.


Zoom is a good platform for teachings and meetings and is easy for you to handle.I will send you a code which you click in and we will have an immediate online connection.


There will be regularly online teaching programs about the Potensia® Method in the form of free webinars, on Facebook and Instagram.

You can request more information by contacting me here:

You can sign up for 1 to 1 coaching


5 weeks with 5 modules online cources


packages with tasks and exercises with 1-to-1 sessions over the length of

months, for a bigger investment

How long will it take before you see results is a frequent question?

That depends entirely on you. You are the one doing the work, I am just telling you how to do it. The good thing is that you can start immediately as soon as you have signed up with me. If you are willing to go inward, reflect, do the exercises and face the challenges, you will probably see results quicker than you imagined... and in addition in slightly different ways than you probably expected

I met Tina Hessel in Spain. She was teaching UHM® Pilates.
A fantastic way to work with the body. And then this ssss – breathng which I did not even know existed, which would become a daily exercise. Daily Pilates on my own I did not follow up that much. I am a certified arts therapist, educated in Denmark. I have used that therapy myself for years. It is a very good method to become conscious. I came to a certain point and there I have been standing, for many years. Parts of med did not want to realize the aspect of spirituality, I had a problem to accept a conscious relationship towards it. Tina announced a communication course. Something told me that I should sign up. Thought and done.After one week shen sent me a mail and asked why I had signed up. I really had not thought about that. I had to think why I had.I wrote an email to Tina and told parts of my story. I do not know why, but Tina called me and the result was that I did receive some one to one coaching hours with her. After two sessions with her, so much of what I had been carrying around in my life, did finally resolve. My fears and my inner secrets. She started a process I did not even have the slightest idea about could be possible….because now my heart was connected to the rest of me. Mental thinking was bypassed.

I am so grateful! We have not finished yet but the journey so far has been very good for me. I am transforming a lot of old stuff into freedom and a new potential. Things I can not use for my life are gone. I have painted a picture which became my expression for this experience.
-My potential.
-My responsability.

Trine Normann

Potensia Method helps me to sort out my thoughts and my desires, and it helps me to ground myself when I feel everything around me is chaotic and doesn't make sense. After I started to utilize the exercises and the principles of Potensia, something started to change. Things, persons, situations according to my heart begun to come to me effortlessly and I can experience more movement in previous fixed situations. Potensia is powerful and the power is within yourself!

Ewa Sivertsen

Dance Instructor & Physiotherapist 

Potensia helps me to find strength from within. To find clarity in life's situations and know that the action I take is my action and the right action for me. This brings me congruency, inner peace and happiness. This book nails it. Thank you!

Carina Simms

Life Coach & Yoga Instructor

More About Tina

I am Swedish but have lived in Norway since 1976.

At the University of Stockholm I studied Film Science, Social Anthropology and Pedagogy.

Thereafter I studied physiotherapy in Oslo.

Starting in 1980, I worked with dancers for 13 years at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet. The same year I started to teach in Functional Dance Anatomy at the National Ballet Academy where I still lectured on the same subject as an assistant professor until 2018. Over the years I have written books on this subject.

In 1990 I went to USA to study Pilates training technique.  Over a period of 16 years I developed a special instruction methodology which is called the Universal Hessel Method = UHM® Pilates.

This method is about how one, as the receiver of the taught movement, can master the movements in a quick and correct manner due to how the brain receives information through the ears, eyes and movements.

In 1999 I started my training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

The Potensia® Method is built upon my knowledge on the interaction between the physical body and our senses in relation to internal communication with ourselves. It is this that characterizes our communication with the surrounding world.

When we can communicate with ourselves so that we achieve what we want and think in the form of goal-oriented actions, we no longer need to use much unnecessary energy on things we actually do not want.

The Potensia® Method evolved up through the years as I saw my clients find their path to move forward through the tools I provided them with. It is a life long exiting game for those who have started on this journey.

During my time at the Opera I opened my own clinic in Oslo. We worked with, specializing in dance medicine, physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy treatment. 

We gave classes for those who came to train Pilates and educated instructors in the UHM® Pilates technique.

We also offered Potensia® coaching, both one to one and for groups.

These days I only focus on teaching UHM® Pilates and Potensia®.

Pilates with my pupils in person in a studio and Potensia® online.


I remember what a relief it was to wake up in the morning, just feeling happy.


Going to bed and really sleeping, without churning thoughts that kept me awake, was a new experience.

Feeling content, just thinking about that now I knew how to say things without fear, was a new sensation.

Most important I had learned how to communicate with myself through ALWAYS being faithful towards my self.

Through learning how the brain and the body cooperate it was not difficult to be faithful towards my self.

That lead to that the old fear to say what I wished in different situations actually disappeared.

At the same time my pains and aches in head/neck/shoulder and sometimes the stomach, disappeared due to my muscle tensions and churning thoughts day and night.

This emotional release lead to that I could open many new doors I did not even know existed before I started to use the Method.

I learned that being able to always be faithful to my self, I had to listen both to my heart and my thoughts and when they were in agreement, it was time for me

to say what I wished.

Through this I learned to use my emotional intelligence which is one of the most important tools in communication.

I saw that the work I did with myself released unused resources, my potential on different levels. The same thing happened with my clients.

One very important knowledge was not to allow my mind to get blocked, due to upbringing, culture or what others say.

I changed my mindset and could therefore turn negative situations into positive learning.

Developing the Method and always having success with it made me in the end write a book about it: «Potensia Living according to Your Heart»

At the moment I am writing the second book about the Potensia® Method. It is about being faithful towards one self, which actually is the key to become a courageous communicator.

Potensia ® 

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